Responding Recovery TV

Welcome to Responding Recovery Television 


After 13 years, this broadcast through SPECTRUM CABLE, has discontinued to air to various cities in Southern California.


However, we still believe in the unadulterated message of hope through Jesus Christ, and you can view archived productions through this website.


Simply view the list of previously aired programs from the list under "Responding Recovery TV" on the home page.


In addition, we have expanded our YouTube and Social Media Ministries. Our YouTube ministry channel is Responding Recovery Ministries.


You can find us under "Responding Recovery Ministries" on all are social media platforms including: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Truth Social, LinkedIn, and Rumble.


May the Lord Bless you and fill you with the presence of Jesus.

Rev. Jerry Liversage - DBAC, MBAC, M-RAS, M-CDAC




What is Responding Recovery? 2 minute overview

Responding Recovery Ministries Step 1 Session 3

Responding Recovery Television Step 1 Session 4 part 1

Who can rescue me? part 1 -Jerry Liversage -approx. 30 min.

Who can rescue me ? part 2 -Jerry Liversage approx. 30 min.

The Power of Temptation - Recovery study with Dr. Stephen Manley part 2 - approx. 30 min.

Interview with Dr. Bob Tucker -approx. 30 min.

To what are you attached? -part 1 -Jerry Liversage approx. 30 min.

To what are you attached? -part 2 -Jerry Liversage approx. 30 min.